What the press says

“This boat is quite possibly the most innovative, original and thoroughly versatile boat I have seen in over 20 years of testing new vessels. In fact the EzyBoat ticks so many boxes it could revolutionise the way many anglers fish our inshore waters.”

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BBC 1 Spotlight, 15 June 2010. Watch the replay here.


EzyBoat Taking Off – A Revolutionary New Boat Is About To Change Our Boating Lifestyle

“You will have to forgive your fellow boaters for grumbling a little as you casually walk past them at the boat launch pushing your new EzyBoat into the water, while they are still struggling with their boat and trailer arrangement.”


Full Boat Test in Boat Mart Magazine, September issue 2010

“The unique advantage of an EzyBoat is that you always have your trailer with you. That means you can explore a river or lake and then pull your boat out of the water wherever you end up. To be independent of your car and trailer is a wonderful luxury.”


Full Boat Test in Boat Trader Magazine, September issue 2010

“It certainly makes life far easier for anyone who likes to tour the country in a camper van, for example, and have a boat ready at all times. And of course it takes up very little space when left in the drive at home. What’s more it can act as a storage trailer when on the move. There’s plenty of space inside the boat in its ‘hinged shut’ mode.”


Boat Mart Magazine April 2010

“while the rest of the world fumbles around with tie down straps, storage issues, parking problems and launching concerns, you and your Ezyboat will be looking back at them from the water with a smile”


Boating Cornwall

“An ‘easy’ boat for all seasons”


Boat And Yacht Buyer

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could go trailer boating without having to worry about your trailer? Well now you can.”


“The EzyBoat prides itself on being a modern and hassle-free way of boating due to its unique boat folding ability.”


Caravanning News

Caravan, Motorhome & Camping News from The Caravan Channel

“Folding EzyBoat To Launch At NEC”


Caravan Motorhome & Camping Mart May 2010

“This is a truly amazing piece of camping gear. […] It’s light enough to be towed by a small car and is also ideal for towing behind a motorhome.”