How A Folding Boat With Retractable Wheels Can Make All The Difference

The EzyBoat – it’s a genius product for many reasons

It´s a boat that folds in half. This makes it easy to transport and stow and will open up the boating hobby to a whole new group of potential clients. Most importantly, Ezyboat has been able to achieve different models using the one basic hull. The same model can be rowed, sailed and motored. This makes it the perfect boat for a relaxed family outing.

On the water, it´s a light, easy to use, entry-level leisure marine craft. It´s hull design makes it extremely stable and versatile. The EzyBoat has been designed with comfort, safety, flexibility and ease of use in mind.

The trailer is already integrated. It can be attached straight to the car for towing and launched easily without worrying about a separate trailer. Once on the water the wheels can simply be retracted into the hull and cause only minimal drag.
After 10 years of development and market soundings in the UK and Australia the boat has now gone into production in the UK.

EzyBoat designs are based on a revolutionary concept that allows the boat to fold, its wheels to retract and the boat to be easily towed and conveniently stored.
The EzyBoat is a 4.4 metre fibreglass leisure craft, suitable for sailing, motoring and rowing.
The EzyBoat is easy to tow with the smallest of cars. When folded, the trailer is voluminous and can carry bulky, as well as relatively heavy items like an outboard motor.
Its double skin construction is divided into air-tight sections and provides buoyancy even if swamped. It conforms to EU Recreational Craft Directive for Category C.

EzyBoat Sailing Option

EzyBoat has been able to combine its “easy boating” concept with “easy sailing”.
The sailing pack includes a 5.5 metre mast and boom, mainsail, jib, centreboard, rudder and basic rigging all designed for the “old” and “new” sailor alike. All of this equipment is stowed within the folded boat when towing.
The rigging is especially designed to appeal to the novice sailor – the rigging can be completed by one person in less than 15 minutes.

The EzyBoat Has the Following Patented Innovations:

  • A retractable wheel system that alleviates the need for a separate trailer, while its unique design minimises drag from wheel cavities. With its integral road wheels the boat can be launched within five minutes, overcoming the need to find a place to park a conventional boat trailer.
  • The EzyBoat hinge mechanism also doubles as its centre thwart seat, thereby providing the cross bracing necessary to allow the boat to be rowed, powered or sailed.
  • The extendable stainless steel draw bar allows the beam-folding boat to extend to over 4 meters.

The Extending Stainless Steel Draw Bar

The extending stainless steel draw bar also increases Ezyboat’s overall strength. When extended, it acts as a rigid back bone for the boat and when the boat is folded, ready for transport, it becomes the tow point for the trailer.

The Hinging Mechanism

The hinging system has been designed for maximum strength, while enabling the whole unit to be launched without having to separate the boat from the trailer prior to launching.

The Retractable Wheel System

The retractable wheel system is just one more feature that makes the whole package so easy to use. After launching the boat, simply retract the wheels using the concealed lever located in the boat. The wheels will retract into their cavities and you’re ready to go.
The wheel cavities have been designed so they don’t create drag or allow water to enter the boat in any way.