Sue Kilkenny – Queensland:

“In my search for a small craft I discovered EzyBoat while leafing through a Club Marine magazine. As a solo boatie the concept of the simplicity that EzyBoat offered to me, appealed instantly. The other craft I had considered were a ‘tinnie’ and a moulded plastic version of a tinnie, but these proved heavy, bulky and limited in application.

Following an initial dry dock demonstration we hit the waterways. I was given the opportunity to test the EzyBoat myself. The handling and manoeuvrability was excellent for a smaller craft, it felt safe and very stable in protective waterways.

EzyBoat suited my novice fishing and sailing ability at an affordable price. The most outstanding feature for me was not to have the added inconvenience of parking a trailer. Simple application within the EzyBoat allowed for effortless entry into and exit out of the water.”

Adam Young – Gold Coast Queensland:

“Boating with EZY boat is exactly that…… EZY. I love nothing more than getting out with a couple of friends and touring the beautiful Broad Water of Queensland’s Gold Coast. It takes only a few minutes to lock into place, back into the water and we’re away, no trailer, no worries.”

“It’s just perfect for a family fun day on the water or fishing with my mates. One of the best things about this boat is when it comes time to bring her in…….. put the wheels down, hitch the boat to the car and tow it out of the water, now that’s EZY.”

“From there you fold the boat in half and head home, Fantastic!! EZY storage too- we keep our EZY Boat in a double garage and it takes up less than a quarter of the space…… not bad for a boat that comfortably handles 4 people.”

“Thanks EZY Boat for many happy adventures & no doubt many more to come.”

The following Testimonials were received from Customers in the United Kingdom who have brought an EzyBoat under the brand name “ClamBoat”.

Celebrity Customer Paul Daniels:

“This is one of the best designed boats I’ve ever seen”. “There are so many features that will make boating so much easier. The trailer is built in and the wheels retract – that saves me all the problems of finding a place to park a trailer. And the fact that if folds in two means I can tuck it away in my garage. It’s simply magical”

Peter Sharp – Hampshire:

“We have had do much fun with our ClamBoat [now “EzyBoat”]. It still gives us a great kick to watch the amazement of onlookers when we unfold and launch down at the quay in Lymington – Brilliant.”

Brent Sandiford – Conningsby:

“I would like to say how pleased I have been with the service from the factory. We’ve had two holidays with the ClamBoat [now “EzyBoat”] now and I can’t wait for the next. If you’d like me to come along to the Boat Show and tell people how wonderful it is just let me know!”

Mr H J Finch – Exeter:

“No more fuss with a trailer which means I can get out by myself and give my wife a rest. With the tiny mods I’ve made to the cleat arrangement I can now sail it just the way I want to.”

Mr S F Mannering – Hants:

“As an engineer I was fascinated when a friend showed me the flyer he’d picked up at the Boat Show. I can’t believe that something so elegantly simple had not been done before. It’s obvious – but then – so is every great invention. Well done. We had a great time at the ClamBoat [now “EzyBoat”] day in Chichester and look forward to the next.”