Thousands See The EzyBoat In Action At The IWA National Festival And Boat Show 2010

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Beale Park – Back at the familiar site of Beale Park near Reading, this time EzyBoat teamed up with their Cornish retailer Kernowrat to once more present the novel EzyBoat to the public. As the Beale Park site benefits from being next to a lake with a comfortable slipway leading into it, we were again able to demonstrate the full launch and recovery process from rolling the folded boat to the edge of the water to unfolding and launching it. On the lake we used a variety of small electric outboard engines to demonstrate how little power is needed to move the EzyBoat and a full load of passengers around the lake with ease.

If you would like to experience the EzyBoat in action, on the water near you, please contact us for a free trial here. We will be in touch to arrange a suitable date. You will be amazed!