EzyBoat Presents At The Beale Park Boat Show, 4-6 June 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sometimes the smaller the boat show, the more enjoyable it is for everyone involved. As a boat manufacturer we are of course keen to show our novel craft to as many people as possible, but at Beale Park it was quality winning over quantity. Not only were we able to show on dry land how the boat can easily be folded and unfolded, but being next to a lake with a convenient slipway leading into it we could actually demonstrate the full process from the folded boat at the back of a car to the unfolded boat floating on the water with the wheels retracted, all in a matter of a few minutes. We took interested visitors out for a tour around the lake and got them well impressed about the stability of the EzyBoat and the abundance of space on board.

If you are at all interested in boating or any other outdoor pursuit close to the water we can thoroughly recommend you mark the 10th to the 12th of June 2011 firmly on your calendar. That’s when the next Beale Park Boat Show will take place, and being an outdoor show in such a casual setting it makes for a very relaxed day out.