EzyBoat 4.4 to be released shortly at this year’s Boat & Caravan Show in Birmingham

Friday, February 19, 2010

Take It Easy With EZYBOAT
Power it, Sail it, Tow it, Stow it

One of the most innovative small boats ever to be manufactured in the UK will be officially unveiled at next week’s Birmingham Boat and Caravan Show.

The EzyBoat, a versatile 4.4 metre fibreglass craft that instantly transforms from a trailer into a fully functioning boat, will be officially launched next Tuesday.

Unlike other small boats, the EzyBoat folds up to form its own fully integrated trailer complete with wheels that retract into the hull when it is launched. It is easy to tow and convenient to store. Plus it can be unfolded from a trailer into a fully functioning boat within minutes.

Ezyboat Ltd CEO Sascha Giest said: “You can trail it, sail it, or power it. When you’re ready to take it home, the EzyBoat folds to an overall length of just 2.5 metres. It can be stowed quite easily in your garage, generally leaving sufficient space for a car as well.”

The Ezyboat is the perfect solution for families who live in high urban density areas where space is at a premium. It solves both the “where to park the trailer” and “where to store the boat” problems at once.

The unique design means that the Ezyboat maintains its strength, stability and buoyancy when unfolded and its patented extendable draw bar is incorporated into a stainless steel keel which runs the full length of the craft. The EzyBoat is actually stronger than conventional boats of the same size.

The Ezyboat is light enough to be towed behind a small car and it’s approved to carry up to an additional 175 kg in the form of a small outboard engine, sails, camping and safety equipment.

On arrival at the launching ramp, the boat is simply unhitched from the car, the drawbar extended and the boat unfolded. Once afloat, with everyone aboard, a lever retracts the wheels up into the hull and out of the water.

The EzyBoat is designed to accommodate up to a 25 hp outboard, although it will perform very well with much smaller motors or electric outboards. There’s no need to remove the outboard as the hinged transom allows the motor to fold easily inside the boat for convenient storage and security.

The EzyBoat’s innovative design also allows it to be sailed. An optional sailing-pack includes a mast and boom, mainsail and jib, centreboard, rudder and basic rigging – all designed for the novice sailor and all of which can be stored inside the folded craft.

“Under sail, it is a relatively stiff boat,” says Sascha. “It points well and is capable of respectable sailing speeds whilst remaining easy to use.”

The EzyBoat will be certified under EU Recreational Craft Directives as safe for 4 adults in Category C.

For more information about Ezyboat, visit www.ezyboat.com

Alternatively visit Stand 1204C, in the north-west corner of Hall 1 at The Boat and Caravan Show.