EzyBoat signs Mexican manufacturer / Distributor

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

EzyBoat is pleased to announce that it has signed a Mexican manufacturer and distributor of EzyBoats. This arrangement will cover many territories. It is anticipated that new EzyBoats will be produced and market ready around October 2016.

EzyBoat in negotiations with USA Distributor

Saturday, August 20, 2016

EzyBoat is pleased to announce that it is in early discussions with a US distributor who predominately focuses in entry-level sailing craft. More information following.

EzyBoat signs Republic of Korea Distributor

Friday, June 10, 2016

EzyBoat is pleased to announce that it has signed a Distributor in the Republic of Korea. The EzyBoat was displayed at the KIBS Show recently.

EzyBoat ceases operations in the UK

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Sadly EzyBoat has ceased operations in the United Kingdom. This was due to reasons beyond our control. Hopefully before too long EzyBoats will again be available in Europe. Thank you to all the dealers and customers of EzyBoat in the past.

Open weekend at Viking Marine

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Viking Marine, our dealer for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, will celebrate their brand new showroom, extended product range and recent appointment as Honda dealer for East Yorkshire on the weekend 3rd/4th March 2012 in Goole. EzyBoat is very pleased to support this opening and will be present on land and on the water with EzyBoats to look at and try for yourself. Don’t miss this opportunity and come along. There will be free parking and entry, and Viking Marine is looking into bringing in further attractions like a boat handling competition. For more information contact Laird Evans on 01405 765737. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

Open weekend at Viking Marine

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Viking Marine, our dealer for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, will celebrate their brand new showroom, extended product range and recent appointment as Honda dealer for East Yorkshire on the weekend 3rd/4th March 2012 in Goole. EzyBoat is very pleased to support this opening and will be present on land and on the water with EzyBoats to look at and try for yourself. Don’t miss this opportunity and come along. There will be free parking and entry, and Viking Marine is looking into bringing in further attractions like a boat handling competition. For more information contact Laird Evans on 01405 765737. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

New article published about the EzyBoat in Spain

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fondear, a real institution amongst the Spanish boating press, has today published a great article about our craft. Read it here: http://www.fondear.com/Todo_Barcos/Motor/Ezyboat/Ezyboat.htm.

EzyBoat announces its attendance of the Southampton Boat Show 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

After great success in 2010 we are glad to announce that we will once again present the EzyBoat at the Southampton International Boat Show, 16 -25th September 2011. You can find us at stand A016, perfectly located right opposite the main entrance in the Small Boat Area.

This year we are presenting the EzyBoat together with our Suffolk dealers Intramore Ltd, who are exhibiting next to us, and given the extra space we will be able to show you a motor configuration of the EzyBoat as well as a full sailing rig. You’ll be surprised how different the two boats look, but trust us when we say – it is one and the same boat!

Hope to see you in Southampton.

New UK demonstration dates announced

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The next on-water demonstrations of the EzyBoat will be held at the following venues. If you are interested in joining us please call us on 0845 65 320 95 so we know to expect you. You will be able to see the EzyBoat in all details and try it out on the water yourself.

Newark. Sunday 3rd of April, at Farndon Marina, North End Farndon, Newark, Nott’s. NG24 3SX.

Poole. Friday & Saturday 8th & 9th of April, at Baiter Park, BH15 1UX.

Brightlingsea. Friday & Saturday 22nd & 23rd of April, at Morgan Marine, The Boatyard, Shipyard Estate, Brightlingsea, Colchester, Essex. CO7 0AR.

EzyBoat Announce Their German Market Debut At Boot Duesseldorf 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Europe’s largest consumer boat show will be enriched by a real innovation this year with the Germany debut of the EzyBoat. We will exhibit our folding 4.4m fibreglass craft at the Boot in Duesseldorf, 22nd and 30th January 2011, on stand C32 in hall 10. If you are coming to the fair make sure you stop by at our stand and say hello!

The boat has been the star of various shows in the UK and in Spain over the last few months, and we are looking forward to finally unveiling it in Germany. Demonstrations of its functionality and easy operation will be offered to everyone who is curious to find out more. We will also be using the show to look for dealers and distribution partners.

Click here for our full press release – ENGLISH VERSION.

Click here for our full press release – GERMAN VERSION.

EzyBoat Enters The Spanish Market With A Debut At Salón Náutico De Barcelona 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

After a highly successful launch in the UK, EzyBoat Ltd is now taking its first step into Continental Europe. The EzyBoat 4.4 will be presented to the Spanish public at the Barcelona Boat Show (Salón Náutico de Barcelona) between 6th and 14th November 2010, Stand 292 in Hall 3.

Read our full press release here.

Opening weekend for our dealer in Cornwall – come and experience the EzyBoat

Monday, September 27, 2010

EzyBoat and Kernowrat are delighted to invite you to our Cornwall opening weekend on the 9th and 10th of October 2010 from 12noon at the Sailing Club in Padstow. You will be able to see the EzyBoat on land and at sea using a range of engines and sail power. You can even get on board for you very own and free demonstration.

Download the full programme here.

What did Southampton visitors think about the Ezyboat?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

It’s fair to say, they have really been taken away by what they saw:

“Seeing the EzyBoat has made my show”
“What a fantastic Idea”
“Brilliant Concept”
“Makes Boating easy”
“Suits our hectic life style”
“This answers all of our storage and boating problems”
“Seeing the EzyBoat has changed my idea of boating and what I will buy”
“Value for money”
“This concept will give us more time on the water”
“Thats a really good concept and looks to be good fun”
“Absolute genius”
“That is very neat”
“This is the best boat at the show”
“That has made my day seeing the EzyBoat”
“One of the most amazing things I have ever seen! – Absolutely incredible”
“What a marvellous boat – wonderful idea”
“This is the only boat to blow me away at the show”

Contact us here if you would like to see the EzyBoat for yourself. We are always happy to arrange a free trial for you.

The Ideal Boat For Motorhomers? See The EzyBoat At The Lincoln Motorhome Season Finale To Find Out For Yourself

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dorset, 15 Sep 2010 – EzyBoat Ltd announces their participation in the Motorhome Season Finale in Lincoln, 24-26 September to demonstrate just how suitable their craft is for motorhomers.

Lakes and rivers, coves and estuaries, the water can be a magic place to explore. But motorhome owners who want to explore the waterways used to face a dilemma –most trailer boats need a tow car to be launched down a slipway into the water, and well, who would want to drive their motorhome down the slip?

So far the only alternatives available were folding, inflatable or detachable little boats that needed a fair bit of setting up and breaking down after use, and they would take up precious room in or around one’s motorhome. They are either very small or come with a fair bit of weight that needs to be carried to the water’s edge.

These problems are now solved. Earlier this year EzyBoat launched the ideal trailer boat for motorhomers in the UK. It is an excellent, British built, full-size fibreglass boat that provides space up to 4 adults and can take anything from a small electric outboard for those wanting a quiet ride to an exhilarating 25HP outboard engine for serious speed. It is enormously stable on the water and can handle sheltered as well as coastal waters.

Folded up in tow it is a light weight and small closed trailer that can pack some 200kg of camping or boating gear inside. With a towing length of 2.5 metre, 1.7 metre wide and an empty weight of just 250kg it is a great alternative to any camping trailer on the market. Fold it open though and within seconds a small trailer turns into a spacious boat ready to take you onto the water. The wheels stay on the boat and are retractable into the hull once you are afloat. There is no need to park your trailer and no complicated launch process awaits. The boat is light enough to simply be rolled into the water by hand in most places. Get on board, start the engine, pull up the wheels using a small lever and away you go, exploring the world from the other side.

If you want to find out more about the EzyBoat, head over to the Motorhome Season Finale in Lincoln (24-26 September) and see the amazing EzyBoat for yourself. Alternatively, take a look at www.ezyboat.com for more information or call EzyBoat Ltd for more information on Tel. 0845 65 320 95.

First impressions from Southampton

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The UK’s number 1 boat show has opened, and the response to our craft is fantastic. If you want to see the EzyBoat for yourself, there is still time until next Sunday, 19th September. We are at stand A016 directly opposite of the main gates.

EzyBoat To Exhibit The Perfect Trailer Boat At The 2010 Southampton Boat Show

Monday, September 6, 2010

The EzyBoat team is looking forward to exhibiting their folding trailer boat at the Southampton Boat Show (10-19 September 2010) for the first time. Located on stand A016 within the small boat area and right opposite the main entrance this novel trailer boat is certain to attract high levels of excitement. It aims to resolve the complications often connected with day boats and allows more people to join the boating hobby.

The 4.4 metre long EzyBoat is ideal for fishing, sailing and cruising alike. With the trailer fully integrated into the craft, boat and trailer never need to be separated. This allows for a much quicker launch and recovery process, making day launches easier than ever before. Using a small lever on deck the wheels can simply be retracted into the hull once the boat is afloat. Unfolded the spacious boat provides ample room for up to four adults and proves very stable on the water. It can be powered by either small electric outboards or petrol engines up to 25HP.

Folded up the fibreglass boat turns into a small, closed trailer weighing only 250kg, with 200kg extra storage capacity on the road. It can be easily towed behind cars or motorhomes of any size and stored away on the driveway or in the garage at home. This saves the EzyBoat owner considerable cost and time. For more details see here: http://www.ezyboat.com/index.php/the-ezyboat

EzyBoat Ltd has recently teamed up with Yamaha Motor UK to market the boat across the British Isles. The company is in the process of building up its dealer network and welcomes enquiries from interested retailers as well as international distributors, whether they are already active in the marine business yet or not.

The boats are built on the South Coast of England near Poole in Dorset using the highest quality fibreglass and stainless steel components. With considerable production capacity available the boats can be built and delivered with minimal lead time.

The British magazines Boat Trader and Boat Mart have recently reviewed the EzyBoat and had nothing but praise for it. It also recently featured on BBC One Spotlight. Reprints and replays of all press reactions are available on here.

Thousands See The EzyBoat In Action At The IWA National Festival And Boat Show 2010

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Beale Park – Back at the familiar site of Beale Park near Reading, this time EzyBoat teamed up with their Cornish retailer Kernowrat to once more present the novel EzyBoat to the public. As the Beale Park site benefits from being next to a lake with a comfortable slipway leading into it, we were again able to demonstrate the full launch and recovery process from rolling the folded boat to the edge of the water to unfolding and launching it. On the lake we used a variety of small electric outboard engines to demonstrate how little power is needed to move the EzyBoat and a full load of passengers around the lake with ease.

If you would like to experience the EzyBoat in action, on the water near you, please contact us for a free trial here. We will be in touch to arrange a suitable date. You will be amazed!

EzyBoat at the Paddle Round The Pier Festival 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kernowrat, one of EzyBoat’s first retailers, will be showcasing the EzyBoat 4.4 at this year’s Paddle Round The Pier beach festival in Brighton. This will mark the first time the foldable boat with its integrated trailer will be on display at this wonderful event.

Elaine and Jim will gladly take anyone interested through the details of the boat. Those who have seen and tried the EzyBoat agree – you have to see the boat ‘in the flesh’ to truly believe that such amazing engineering is possible.

Entry into the festival is free and there are loads of water- as well as land-activities on offer for the whole family. The event is open all weekend, 3 & 4 July 2010. Click here for the organiser’s website.

EzyBoat Presents At The Beale Park Boat Show, 4-6 June 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sometimes the smaller the boat show, the more enjoyable it is for everyone involved. As a boat manufacturer we are of course keen to show our novel craft to as many people as possible, but at Beale Park it was quality winning over quantity. Not only were we able to show on dry land how the boat can easily be folded and unfolded, but being next to a lake with a convenient slipway leading into it we could actually demonstrate the full process from the folded boat at the back of a car to the unfolded boat floating on the water with the wheels retracted, all in a matter of a few minutes. We took interested visitors out for a tour around the lake and got them well impressed about the stability of the EzyBoat and the abundance of space on board.

If you are at all interested in boating or any other outdoor pursuit close to the water we can thoroughly recommend you mark the 10th to the 12th of June 2011 firmly on your calendar. That’s when the next Beale Park Boat Show will take place, and being an outdoor show in such a casual setting it makes for a very relaxed day out.

EzyBoat at the Beaulieu Boat Jumble, 25 April 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dubbed by the organisers as the largest boat jumble in the world, we at EzyBoat couldn’t resist the opportunity to join the Beaulieu Boat Jumble 2010 to showcase our folding boat to around 10,000 visitors. Most people attending boat jumbles already own a boat of some description, so we were curious to find out what they had to say about our craft.

Being positioned right in front of the only entry and exit gate of the show we were able to capture a large audience and gather fantastic feedback. Whenever we opened or closed the boat traffic in front of our stand stopped and a crowd gathered, commenting on how many problems this boat will solve for them.

It is slightly unusual for a boat jumble to provide a separate area for new boats, and Beaulieu makes for a very welcome exception. Beaulieu 2011 is already firmly marked on the EzyBoat calendar!

EzyBoat 4.4 to be released shortly at this year’s Boat & Caravan Show in Birmingham

Friday, February 19, 2010

Take It Easy With EZYBOAT
Power it, Sail it, Tow it, Stow it

One of the most innovative small boats ever to be manufactured in the UK will be officially unveiled at next week’s Birmingham Boat and Caravan Show.

The EzyBoat, a versatile 4.4 metre fibreglass craft that instantly transforms from a trailer into a fully functioning boat, will be officially launched next Tuesday.

Unlike other small boats, the EzyBoat folds up to form its own fully integrated trailer complete with wheels that retract into the hull when it is launched. It is easy to tow and convenient to store. Plus it can be unfolded from a trailer into a fully functioning boat within minutes.

Ezyboat Ltd CEO Sascha Giest said: “You can trail it, sail it, or power it. When you’re ready to take it home, the EzyBoat folds to an overall length of just 2.5 metres. It can be stowed quite easily in your garage, generally leaving sufficient space for a car as well.”

The Ezyboat is the perfect solution for families who live in high urban density areas where space is at a premium. It solves both the “where to park the trailer” and “where to store the boat” problems at once.

The unique design means that the Ezyboat maintains its strength, stability and buoyancy when unfolded and its patented extendable draw bar is incorporated into a stainless steel keel which runs the full length of the craft. The EzyBoat is actually stronger than conventional boats of the same size.

The Ezyboat is light enough to be towed behind a small car and it’s approved to carry up to an additional 175 kg in the form of a small outboard engine, sails, camping and safety equipment.

On arrival at the launching ramp, the boat is simply unhitched from the car, the drawbar extended and the boat unfolded. Once afloat, with everyone aboard, a lever retracts the wheels up into the hull and out of the water.

The EzyBoat is designed to accommodate up to a 25 hp outboard, although it will perform very well with much smaller motors or electric outboards. There’s no need to remove the outboard as the hinged transom allows the motor to fold easily inside the boat for convenient storage and security.

The EzyBoat’s innovative design also allows it to be sailed. An optional sailing-pack includes a mast and boom, mainsail and jib, centreboard, rudder and basic rigging – all designed for the novice sailor and all of which can be stored inside the folded craft.

“Under sail, it is a relatively stiff boat,” says Sascha. “It points well and is capable of respectable sailing speeds whilst remaining easy to use.”

The EzyBoat will be certified under EU Recreational Craft Directives as safe for 4 adults in Category C.

For more information about Ezyboat, visit www.ezyboat.com

Alternatively visit Stand 1204C, in the north-west corner of Hall 1 at The Boat and Caravan Show.