EzyBoat ceases operations in the UK – sadly EzyBoat has ceased operations in the United Kingdom. This was due to reasons beyond our control. Hopefully before too long EzyBoats will again be available in Europe. Thank you to all the dealers and customers of EzyBoat in the past.Meanwhile EzyBoat is taking up new opportunities by signing with a Mexican manufacturer/Distributor who will service several territories including the USA and South America.EzyBoat has also signed with a Republic of Korea Distributor and is in discussions with a USA Distributor.

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EzyBoat Amazes Everyone

It’s Fun – A family or four adults can all enjoy fun in an EzyBoat
It’s Easy to Play with – EzyBoats are fun on the water – easy to manage
It’s a Family Craft – Very stable boat for young families
It’s Stability and Buoyancy – Makes it a safe boat for lots of uses
It’s Shallow Draft – EzyBoat doesn’t need much water to float in, good for fishing (and sand bars!)
It’s Versatile – Using the one EzyBoat you can sail, motor, or row. Go sailing today and fishing tomorrow.
It’s Sailing Made Simple – Designed for ease of use by entry-level sailors. All sailing gear, even the mast, stores away in the boat for convenience.
Suits All Levels of Boating – An excellent boat for the first timer – or the experienced boater who now wants to downsize – it provides entertainment for all ages

EzyBoat is Different

Storage – Folding the boat in half reduces storage space in the garage or yard.
Integrated Trailer – Eliminates the need for finding trailer parks around busy ramps. Nothing to worry about while you’re boating around.
Easy to Tow – EzyBoat tows very easily – even by the smalles of cars.
Security – EzyBoat can be easily secured when folded, preventing loss of valuable equipment.
Storage Space – Folded up the boat becomes a closed trailer! Equipment can be stored securely in the boat when travelling.
Storage of Sail Kit – Mast and Boom ‘break-down’ to store within boat.
Easy to Launch – EzyBoat can be unfolded and you can even walk it down most ramps, alleviating embarrassing reversing situations with the car.
Can be launched single-handed – no need for a shipmate!!
Manoeuvrability on Land – can be very easily ‘man-handled’ into garage, yard, boat ramp, etc.
Easy to Recover – Finished for the day? There is no trailer to reverse down to the boat just carry your connector down and re connect to the boat!!
Motor Handling – Motor folds forward for storage.

Some other interesting facts…

Construction – strong durable fibreglass construction.
Trailers – designed to be quite maintenance free – stainless and hot galvanised steel all round.
Integrated Stainless Steel Draw Bar – It’s OK to land on rough surfaces (ramps) because the bar protects the fibreglass hull.
Tender Craft – folding enables a larger tender craft for the yacht – and an ideal craft to take from home to fixed mooring yacht – don’t leave your tender ‘exposed’ at the marina.


No Trailer Required with EzyBoat’s Integrated Wheel System!

EzyBoat is the result of the most innovative and unique designs in marine industry today. The boat has its own fully integrated trailer incorporating wheels that retract into the hull when launched into the water. Its innovative hinge design also means that the boat can be folded in half making it easy to tow and stow.

EzyBoat Folds in Half Making it Easy to Tow and Stow. Ideal for Camping!

Camping and boating is now so much easier with EzyBoat. Stow your camping gear inside the boat. No more space worries.

An excellent fishing boat!

Fisherman love the Ezyboat for its stability, easy access to remote waters and the ability to utilise the whole surface area for casting and fighting fish.

EzyBoat Also Sails!

The optional sailing kit makes sailing an easy, pleasurable and fuss free experience. The whole sailing rig has been designed to pull down into sections and store inside the folded boat when trailing.

EzyBoat Ltd is proud to be a member of the British Marine Federation

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